Tune ups

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Need a tune up? Regular maintenance is one of the most important things you can do for your vehicle. The key to durability and longevity is consistent servicing and regularly maintaining fluid levels, parts and systems. However, negligence or inadvertent situations could lead to auto repair problems. We got you covered though! We’ll take care of all your general auto repair needs including: alternators, bands, brakes, starters, transmission,  shock absorbers etc. Be rest-assured that when we fix your vehicle, expect it to run very efficiently. Let us give you the peace of mind you are looking for!

       Oil Changes

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Do you need an oil change? At G&S Automotive, we understand that need! Our certified technicians are always ready to serve you! You see, the automobile engines have many moving components. As these parts continually move and in constant motion with one another, the frictional force creates heat. The Engine oil lubricates the engine and absorbs heat, allowing all the internal parts to effectively work together without overheating. Anytime that oil is no longer as effective, then your dashboard light comes up signaling you for oil change. So, what’s the wait? Enjoy the complimentary beverage at our office lobby while change the oil and its filter.

      Brake Repairs

Our break services include brake fluid checks, brake line checks, shoe/pad replacements, complete brake replacements. Faulty brakes can lead to emergency situations especially if warning signs are disregarded! Here are possible signs of break problems: Screeching or grinding noises, pulling sideways when brakes are applied, vibrating or wobbling while breaking, break lights appear on the dashboard. The brake system is a complex set of moving parts that can wear down, and ultimately fail. At G&S, your safety and that of your passengers is so important, it is crucial to check your vehicle’s brakes regularly and perform repairs at the first signs of trouble. G&S got your back!
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       A/C Repairs

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Warm air coming from your A/C is never a good sign. There could be a number of potential factors here, such as a clogged expansion valve; a faulty compressor clutch; a blown fuse; or even leaks within the A/C. The only way to know for sure what’s causing that warm air is to take your car to a qualified inspection for a check. This is where G&S Automotive comes in. Our mechanics will perform air conditioning services from testing and regular maintenance to complete A/C system repair.

     Engine Repairs

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At G&S Automotive, we rebuild non-foreign engines of any make and model. We offer 12 month or 12,000 warranty on all our works and parts, which ever one that comes first. We rebuild, install and upgrade all types Engines including all vehicle makes and models. The task of rebuilding any  engine requires high degree of accuracy & precision! All these Engine components: pistons, rings, timing components, freeze plugs, gasket sets, valve guides, lifters, oil pumps, rod bearings, main bearings and cam bearings come to play. The Crankshafts are regrounded and polished. Valve seats, blocks, block decks, & cylinder heads are all assembled in there fashions. After the reassemblying, engines are further 100% tested for great functionality.


Auto electrical problems are often challenging to identify. It takes special experience of an auto expert to accurately identify this and fix it. At G&S, we do just that! We have situations where customers complain to had changed a starter, and yet the car won’t start. We also have scenarios where check engine lights won’t go away, bad starter wire issues, burnt fuses etc. We handle all Auto electrical repairs on foreign and domestic vehicles, electrical transmission repairs, computer diagnostics troubleshooting, rewiring, etc. Let our experienced technicians handle this often-misdiagnosed issues, and put smile back on your face!
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   Suspension Works

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Vehicle suspension systems makes sure your vehicle run very efficiently and smoothly. It manages the total handling of your vehicle on the road and assures comfort by reducing bumps and vibrations in the passenger cabin. After some time, these components run down. Ball joints, bushings, tie-rod ends all wear out. When this happens, hitting or running over obstacles like potholes or curbs may damage some of the same components thereby distorting the overall comfort you enjoy. At G&S Automotive, we are experts in getting your comfort back! Contact us now and let’s put that smile back on your face!

     Classic Rebuilds

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Classic car rebuilds is truly one of our bedrock of auto services offered here at G&S Automotive. We offer full classic car restoration service for any kind of vehicle make and model. Our team of highly skilled and experienced auto experts will get the job done, period! We guarantee our work and has an established household name particularly with this service. The whole process starts by disassemblying the vehicle, sheet metal repairs, all necessary fabrications, bodywork, painting then final assembly. Want to check out our work? Go to the gallery section of this site. What are you waiting for? Give us a call and let’s get to work on your behalf!

New & Reman Transmission Installation & services

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We take care of all new and reman transmissions from dealership only! We also service transmissions by changing fluids and filters ( if the filters are accessible)

Pre-purchase Inspections

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We take care of this service at our 2nd location ONLY. Before you buy a vehicle, please make sure you do a pre-purchase inspection to avoid buying a lemon.